Memorial Day Means Grilling – How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer — and few things are as simple and satisfying as a well-executed outdoor barbecue with friends and family. The Wall Street Journal cites research that shows 73% of Americans own a grill. Whether you are among the 27% considering getting your first grill, or in that 73% and thinking about making a few updates to what you’ve got or tackling a full-on upgrade, now is the time to do the work, so you can enjoy the benefits all summer long.

These tips from will help you create an outdoor grilling area that’s both functional and appealing:

·        Location — Unless you have (or are building) a full outdoor kitchen, you’ll want your grill to be close enough to the kitchen for convenience, and far enough away that you don’t smoke your appliances along with your ribs.

·        Location— In addition to kitchen proximity, consider your guests. Placing the barbecue in a corner can cause traffic jams and make it difficult for the cook to serve and for the diners to select their food.

·        Location — Don’t forget about set-up and clean-up. At some point, you’ll have to bring fuel (such as charcoal or gas) as well as food and supplies to your grill area.  When the festivities are over, you’ll be glad if you’ve placed your grill where water is easily accessible and where you won’t mind rinsing down food, grease, and charcoal.

It’s also a good time to keep an eye out for Memorial Day Sales at your local home improvement stores — look for savings not only on grills but on outdoor furniture and other supplies that will help you turn your backyard into a summer paradise.


About gschmitten

I am a Realtor in Broward County, Florida. I work in all areas including Weston, Plantation, Parkland, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood. I'm a Grandma with 2 great grandson who were home-schooled, and one is now working on his Master's Degree, and the other is a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Town of Davie, Florida. I have a heart for Homeschoolers, and for all our Military Personnel - both active and retired. My son spent 15 months in Iraq, and survived, and I worked for the US Army in Germany for several years.
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