The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in Your Garden – Common Garden Insects and How to Deal With Them

Combating nature in your garden can be a war, and identifying the enemy is only the first step. Knowing how to defeat the enemy is the key.

Insects in your garden are often pests that will eat, infect or destroy your plants. Some insects, however, are allies in your fight to keep your plants healthy. When you’re waging war, it’s good to know the difference.

Lifestyle expert Leah Ingram, on the site Life Goes Strong, identifies several common garden enemies:


  • Aphid — really lice for plants — can be fought with a soapy water solution
  • Japanese Beetle — a pest prodigy, this insect starts waging war on your plants from the moment it’s a larva in the ground; ironically the Chrysanthemum flower produces a natural insecticide that is particularly effective against this pest
  • Snails & Slugs — completely indiscriminate, these will voraciously eat everything in your  garden from leaves to fruit, flowers to vegetables; salting the ground around your plants is good way to put a stop to these pests

There cannot be dark without light, and there are a multitude of insects that you should welcome into your garden with open arms. These insects provide natural pest control without any toxins or chemicals (or even soap).

  • Ladybug — this pretty red bug is a natural enemy of aphids
  • Praying Mantis — this formidable insect preys on almost every other insect, bug, pest and mite that might venture into your garden; a fine ally indeed

For more insects that are beneficial to your garden, visit Garden Insects.


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